Absolutely… eNoteFile’s core functions are 100% free! You can sign up and use our WebNotes, diary and invoicing functions (and more), with no credit card required. We also offer some optional pay-per-use add-ons, like SMS reminders, online booking and Stripe payment gateway integration (but you don’t have to use any of these if you don’t want to).

The financial benefits of going electronic are pretty straightforward eg. reduced filing time, storage space and remote access, integrated billing and diary etc… let alone the professional and marketing benefits of using technology in your organisation eg. a modern look, photos, images, email.

And now there’s never been a better time to do it – awesome new tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro and the iPad Pro, enable you to get the most out of eNoteFile’s purpose-built cloud-based software. Still, we know it’s a big decision and pricing is important. That’s why ours is cost-effective and straightforward. 

Please find more info about our pricing here.

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