How to disable touch (Microsoft Windows)

Here are some options to disable touch on your Microsoft Windows device.

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Option 1. Disable touch only when using the pen

This option will help to detect when you are using the pen and disable the touchscreen to avoid accidental touch inputs from you hand (e.g. while resting your palm on the screen).

Go to Windows settingsDevices Pen & Windows InkIgnore touch input when I'm using my pen.

Option 2. Disable touch completely

If you are still having trouble with palm interference, this option will disable the touchscreen completely. You can always turn it back on again later if you choose.

NOTE: Make sure you have a mouse, pen or keyboard attached before you disable touch as your palm/hand won’t be recognised by the device.

Click on this link to download the disable touch app: Disable touch. Click on show in folder and save the app on your desktop (or any location you’d like). 

Save and close any work

Before you run the app, make sure to save and close any work you might have open

Run the disable touch app

Double tap/click to open the disable touch app that you downloaded (DisableTouch.exe). Uncheck the box to disable touch so only the pen is recognised. 

  • Unchecked: Your palm/hand won’t be recognised (only the pen/mouse). 

  • Checked: Your palm/hand and pen will be recognised.

Once you have unchecked the box, click OK.

Then click Yes to log off (make sure you have saved and closed any work). 

You should now be able to rest your palm on the screen while taking notes with a stylus. 

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