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eNoteFile is built to be a dedicated electronic note-taking app.

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Did you know that eNoteFile was initially built to be a dedicated electronic note-taking app – it’s always been core to our user experience? We take pride in providing practitioners and professionals with simple and secure note taking, which can be done quickly by hand. If you’d like to take fast handwritten and drawn notes electronically, then eNoteFile is the app for you.

  • Filing (saving you time)

  • Security (safe and secure)

  • Accessibility (available anywhere)

  • Multi-device (BYO device)

  • Custom templates (work with what you know)

Why we prioritise handwriting and drawing over typing your notes. Here at eNoteFile, we combine IT expertise with practitioner practice and aim to blend the two. We believe we have combined the best of both worlds to provide a product that can help you:

  • Handwrite (your notes)

  • Draw (your notes)

  • Type (your notes)

  • Build rapport (keep that client rapport)

For more reasons we prefer and recommend handwriting and drawing notes, please refer to our articles. There is new scientific evidence which proves why we all feel more comfortable using (digitiser) pens and establishing rapport with our patients:

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