This report is intended to display the total appointment revenue received, broken down by practitioner during the specified time period and is based on fully paid invoices only. 

Report Summary

The report summary section summarises the total appointment revenue received for invoices dated within the specified time period, broken down for each practitioner . 

Report Details

For each day within the specified time period, the details section provides totals of the appointment revenue received by invoiced date for each practitioner (N.B. this is not the date the payment is received).


  • Important: There are two methods in which an appointment can be invoiced:

  1.  An invoice is created directly from the diary appointment by clicking "Create Invoice",

  2. An appointment or appointments is/are selected when creating an invoice by clicking "Add Appointment", or

  • Dates on which payments are received may differ than the date on which the invoice was raised. This report groups based on the invoice date, not the payment date. As such is not intended to assist in the reconciliation of daily practitioner payments received.

  • This report is based upon appointment revenue only as product sales are not attributed to individual practitioners.

  • Only the payments associated with invoices that have been paid in full contribute to the totals in this report as it is not possible to attribute part payments to individual invoice line items.

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