Automatic SMS Reminders

How to setup, edit or customise SMS reminders in eNoteFile

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How do automatic SMS reminders work?

Clients will automatically receive a text message the day before their appointment at a time you've specified. Clients will not receive a message if they have opted out of SMS reminders or have an invalid mobile number.

Please note: Currently SMS reminder doesn't support replies. We recommend adding a line to the SMS template in Settings to indicate this (e.g. NOREPLY, a contact number or a website).

Please note: SMS reminders go out 1 day before the appointment so they won't get sent for appointments created on the same day. Please be careful when rescheduling an appointment within 1 day of the actual appointment. You can always manually send an SMS for these appointments: How to send manual SMS.

SMS Reminder not sent:
Newly created appointment (ORANGE indication dot):

SMS Reminder sent:
Appointment after SMS reminder has been sent (GREEN indication dot):

Automatic SMS field names:

Use these field names when setting up your automatic SMS reminders.

{PractitionerName} - Full name of the practitioner
{PractitionerFirstName} - First name of the practitioner
{PractitionerLastName} - Last name of the practitioner

{AppointmentTime} - Date and time of the appointment - ddd MMM dd, hh:mm tt

{OrganizationName}  - Full name of the orgnaization (business name)

{ClientName} - Full name of the Client
{ClientFirstName} - First name of the Client
{ClientLastName} - Last name of the Client

{AppointmentType} - Full name of the appointment

{Date} - Date of the appointment - ddd MMM dd
{StartTime} - Time of the appointment - hh:mm tt
{EndTime} - Time at which the appointment is scheduled to end - hh:mm tt

{StartDateTime} - Same as AppointmentTime - Date and time of the appointment - ddd MMM dd, hh:mm tt

{EndDateTime} - Date and time of at which the appointment is scheduled to end- ddd MMM dd, hh:mm tt

{DurationMinutes} - Duration of the appointment in minutes

More Information:

Character allowances and total SMS sent: SMS messages are sent in segments with a total number of character per segment. The first segment allows for 160 characters (this will send 1 message) and then 306 character segment (this will send 2 messages).

If you use an emoji, the message will be converted into an MMS which has less characters per segment (70 characters for 1 message and 134 character for 2 messages).

You'll get a message telling you how many characters you've used and how many message will be sent (see example below).

For more information on how to setup SMS reminders: Watch video
For pricing of SMS reminders: Pricing page

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