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Quick overview of eNoteFile invoice

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This is a list of items found on an eNoteFile invoice with a brief explanation of how to steps. 

  1. Custom Logo (Settings ➡ Invoice Customization) 

  2. Organisation Info (Settings ➡ Organization Details)

  3. Enter invoice recipient (either the client or third-party)

  4. Practitioner & Provider No. (Settings ➡ Team Members ➡ Select Team Member)

  5. Invoice Multiple Appointments (When creating invoice add appointments)

  6. Add Products (Settings ➡ Products)

  7. Client Invoicing Notes (Clients ➡ Select Client ➡ Edit Client ➡ Invoice Notes)

  8. Take Payments (When creating an invoice add payments received)

  9. Custom Invoice Footer (Settings ➡ Invoice Customization) 

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