How to export clients
Option to export client list as a CSV
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You are able to export a list of your clients as a CSV file from the client page. This will contain all the client detail information like First name, Last name, Email, Mobile etc. Only users with the Practice Manager Privilege or higher can export the client list (Export Practice Management data).

Steps to export clients:

  1. Go to Clients

  2. Click on the three dots (top right)

  3. Click Export Clients

NOTE: When you export a CSV file and open it in Microsoft Excel the program drops the leading 0's (Zeros) for phone/mobile numbers because it is a number. IE 0001 will be seen as 1. For more information about importing a CSV to open in Microsoft Excel can be found here. You can also Google "importing CSV into Excel without losing zeros" if you don't have experience with working with data spreadsheets.

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