With open rates of nearly 100%, SMS messaging is the perfect way to efficiently let your clients know about your latest business information, marketing offer or new product. Here’s how you can easily do it now from within eNoteFile. Contact us for more information if you don’t see these options within your account.

How to send a bulk SMS:

This can be done under SettingsClients and NotesSend Bulk SMS Message

Technical Notes:

These messages will be sent immediately after you click Send SMS Message and Confirm. Once you’ve written your message, before you confirm sending you can see the total number of messages that will be sent to your client base. This will be charged at the current SMS rate. Bulk SMS messaging does not support pre-formatted fields, and will not be sent to opt-outs or invalid mobile/cell phone numbers. They are not like scheduled appointment reminders; they are like ad hoc messages to individual clients and will be sent as soon as possible.
eNoteFile bulk SMS does not currently support replies from your clients. Please let your clients know by including 'do not reply' or similar at the end of your text eg. your phone number or email address.

More Information:

Character allowances and total SMS sent: SMS messages are sent in segments with a total number of characters per segment. The first segment allows for 160 characters (this will send 1 message) and then 306 characters (this will send 2 messages). Spaces count as characters.

If you use an emoji, the message will be converted into an MMS which has less characters per segment (70 characters for 1 message and 134 character for 2 messages).

You'll get a message telling you how many characters you've used and how many message will be sent (see example below).

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For pricing of SMS reminders: Pricing page

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