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Tips if your page won't load (how to refresh browser)
Tips if your page won't load (how to refresh browser)
Here are some quick tips to try if your internet browser isn't loading a note or isn't working properly.
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Here are a few tips if you are experiencing issues loading a note or the calendar on any device in your browser (e.g. stuck, paused, freeze, not working properly etc).

Issue loading a note:


First, try restarting your device. Close your apps, browser etc. and restart the device. If this doesn't work please follow the more advanced options below.

Reload browser:

Please try reloading the page by clicking the reload button (or press F5).

Empty browser cache and reload:

Press F12 on your keyboard

Then Right click reload button

Finally click Empty Cache and Hard Reload (Chrome):

Incognito Mode:

Finally if you are still having trouble opening eNoteFile you can try opening in 'incognito mode' (Chrome press Ctrl+Shift+N):

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