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How to export Practice Management data
How to export Practice Management data

Export your Clients, Appointments, Invoices, Payments and the rest of your practice management data to csv

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You can export your Appointment Types, Appointments, Clients, Contacts, Contact Types, Group Appointments, Invoices, Payments, Practitioners and Products. Only users with the Subscription Administrator Privilege can export practice management data.

Steps to Export your data

Go to Settings then eNoteFile Account

Click on Export Your Data

Choose the Data Type you want to export and click Export

Once your data has been exported, you'll be able to download the CSV file to your device.

NOTE: As with any further electronic use of your eNoteFile exported notes, attachments, and CSV file, no matter what alternative you choose, we recommend you engage your own IT support to ensure you always keep, maintain, backup and store a separate copy of your eNoteFile export securely as is, and only ever use a copy to integrate with another program.

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