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More information about Practitioner and Non-Practitioner user privileges/roles
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Practitioner and Non-Practitioner Privileges (Roles)

When adding a new user, you have the option to add either a Practitioner or Non-Practitioner. Below is a list of the different user roles (privileges) with brief explanation:


  • Access eNoteFile

  • Create Client Notes and QuickNotes

  • View calendar (diary)

  • Make Appointments for practitioners

  • View and manage Invoices for practitioners

  • Send manual SMS reminders and messages.


  • Same access as Non-Practitioner; also

  • Has a dedicated calendar (diary) for appointments

  • Can take Appointments

  • Can take Online Bookings

  • SMS Reminders for appointments.

Practice Manager

  • Can be either a Practitioner or Non-Practitioner

  • View Reports

  • Import and export Clients

  • Manage Products

  • Manage Invoice options

  • Manage Appointment Types

  • Manage Invoice Customisation

  • Manage Note Templates

  • and more eNoteFile account settings.

Subscription Administrators

  • Can be either a Practitioner or Non-Practitioner

  • Manage Billing

  • Manage Team Members (Practitioner or Non-Practitioner)

  • Manage SMS Reminders

  • Manage Online Booking

  • Manage Online Payment options (Stripe)

  • Export Practice Management data.

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