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How to send ad hoc manual SMS to a client

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If you need to communicate with a particular client, you can send a text message from the client page.

How to send Manual SMS to a client

From the client page click on Send SMS

Then type out your message and click send

More Information:

Character allowances and total SMS sent: SMS messages are sent in segments with a total number of characters per segment. The first segment allows for 160 characters (this will send 1 message) and then 306 characters (this will send 2 messages). Spaces count as characters.

If you use an emoji, the message will be converted into an MMS which has less characters per segment (70 characters for 1 message and 134 character for 2 messages).

You'll get a message telling you how many characters you've used and how many message will be sent (see example below).

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For pricing of SMS reminders: Pricing page

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