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How to bulk export Client Notes to PDF
How to bulk export Client Notes to PDF

Export your Clients Notes, Attachments and Quick Notes

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You can export your client notes and quick notes as PDF as well as export your attachments. All client associated notes and attachments will be grouped under a client folder. Only users with the Subscription Administrator Privilege can export organisational data.

Steps to Export your client notes

Go to Settings then eNoteFile Account

Click on Export Notes and Attachments

Click continue

NOTE: Please note this process will take some time to complete. 

Take note of your Security Code and click OK

NOTE: Make sure to keep this security code as you'll need this to download your data. This code is only shown at this step.

You'll then receive an email once your export has been completed. Depending on the size of the data the export this email could take a few minutes or a few hours. Click on the link and enter the password you saved from earlier.

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