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Notes upgrade to Notud
Notes upgrade to Notud
Information on the new notes upgrade, Notud. Follow this guide to integrate eNoteFile Practice Manager with Notud.
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What is Notud

Notud Features

Searchable hand-written notes

We have added Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to the platform which will scan and index your notes. Meaning that you can type words in your search bar and Notud will find your hand-written, typed or converted to text notes.

Send notes as PDFs

Share your hand written, digital notes as PDFs direct from Notud to anyone in, or outside your organisation.


Unsure if your team members have seen your recent set of client notes? Now you can let your team mates know to check a note by sending them a quick Nod.

Steps to upgrade your notes.

Watch this video as Abbey takes you through the 5 minute process of upgrading your notes. We've also included a step by step guide below.

Please note, we recommend starting this upgrade after your last client, 
as the background process can take 15mins to 3hours to complete depending
on the size of your database.

Step 1:

Make sure you are logged into eNoteFile Practice Manager.

Step 2:

Go to Settings

Step 3:

Under 'eNoteFile Account' click on 'Integrate with Notud' then 'Start integration'

Please note that we will send a Notud invite to all active users.

Step 4:

Click 'Allow'. This will let you login with with your eNoteFile credentials (so you don't have to create a password).

Step 5:

Enter your clinic name, click 'I agree' and 'Yes, sync contacts'.

Step 6:

Click 'OK' to setup your Notud Preferences

Step 7:

Setup your Country, Time Zone and Language and click 'Continue'.

Step 8:

Setup your Private Note template (this can be done at a later point). Private Note is the new name for a Quick Note.


The syncing process will take 5-50mins to complete in the background depending on the size of your database. We'll let you know when this process has completed with an:

1) Email

2) Notification via the onscreen bell icon.

  • NOTE: Once completed, all your clients, Quick Notes and Client Notes will synced to Notud.

  • NOTE: If you have multiple users, they will receive an email to activate their Notud Account.

Activate multiple users

Once the upgrade has completed, all your users (practitioners) will receive an email to activate their account. Each user will need to click Accept Invitation and create a password.

Update pre-fill fields and remove unwanted templates

After the upgrade all your templates will be available in Notud as well as the default templates. You'll need to update the fields and remove any unwanted templates.



Update to


Patient Name



Patient Birth Date



How to subscribe

Steps to subscribe

You can create a subscription through the teams page.

Click on Subscribe now! to manage your details.

Enter your details and click next

Click on standard user to enter a coupon ENOTEFILENOTUD50OFF to get 50% off for the lifetime of your subscription.

Finally, enter you card details and click next and Subscribe

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