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This article is a quick review of the SMS features we offer

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Why use SMS reminders?

  • Clients love it – friendly reminder text

  • Improves attendance rates – reduce late changes and non-attendance

  • Cost effective – a few cents per message means on average one extra appointment kept per month covers investment

  • Watch this video to find out more!

eNoteFile SMS feature

Here is a quick overview to help you get started using our SMS feature

  1. Enable SMS - Enable SMS for your organisation to use this feature set. More information.

  2. Automatic SMS reminders - Automatically send SMS reminder the day before a clients appointment. More information.

  3. Manual SMS reminders - Use this option to send an SMS to a client immediately with their appointment details. More information

  4. Manual SMS - Send an ad hoc message to a client. More information.

For pricing of SMS reminders: Pricing page

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